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Our team is professionally trained to provide top-quality care for your infant when it comes to tongue and lip tie revisions. We take pride in our commitment to educating parents and ensuring that their infant's revision is a seamless, pain-free experience.

Edmond Tongue Tie Expert

Laser Tongue Tie Release

At Dewbre Pediatric Dentistry, the comfort and well-being of our young patients are always our foremost concerns. This is why we invest in cutting-edge technology, including our DEKA CO2 Laser. In comparison to traditional surgical methods, dental lasers significantly reduce discomfort, swelling, bleeding, and the risk of infection.


The procedure for releasing the tongue-tie with the DEKA CO2 laser is swift and virtually painless, with minimal to no bleeding. Additionally, the laser effectively decontaminates the treated area, resulting in reduced swelling and often eliminating the need for sutures. By releasing the tissue beneath the tongue, your child will experience improved range of motion.

Edmond Tongue Tie

What the parents are saying


Kelsey Palmer

Dr. Dewbre and his staff were wonderful with both of my babies (1 month old and 20 months old).

Dr. Dewbre is knowledgeable, kind, and caring. He explained everything about my baby's lip and tongue tie revisions, and the procedure went well. They also take a Polaroid of your child next to their sign and give it to you which I thought was so cute! Highly recommend!


Incredibly grateful for the fantastic service Dewbre & Steele provided me and my sweet newborn! My then 3-week old needed tongue and lip tie procedures done, and Dr. Dewbre did an amazing job! Not only did Dr. Dewbre educate me and make sure I knew all about ties and the procedures, but he and his staff were very supportive and empowering throughout the process. The procedures only took like 2 minutes and went very smoothly! My newborn wasn’t able to latch for breastfeeding before we went in, and the day after the procedures, he was able to latch and drink from my breast! Would definitely recommend Dewbre & Steele Pediatric Dentistry!


Everyone is super friendly and informative. My newborn had a tongue and lip tie and Dr. Dewbre was very helpful and comforting when educating us on what to do and the treatment itself. Definitely recommend.

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